Rewards Programme T's & C's

rewards programme

Rules for Points

Points are given to all customers for completing specific tasks. If by any means tasks are not completed, but points have for some reason been claimed more than once, we have the right to deduct these points from your account.ย 

Tasks that are not completed but points are claimed multiple times, your account will be sent a warning. If this happens again, your account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to participate in the scheme. All points will be lost.

You can only receive the allocated points once for each task. For example you can only โ€˜likeโ€™ or โ€˜followโ€™ our social media once to gain the points allocated. You cannot like or follow more than once to gain more points.ย 

You can however leave another review and gain points for that each time youโ€™ve made a purchase with our store.

If points have been mistakenly issued, we have the right to retract these points.ย 

Earn and Redeem

Rewards, discounts and free items are only allowed to be claimed by the account holder.

Discounts and Free gifts areย ONLY on our โ€˜Ready to Shipโ€™ Range. You cannot use it on our โ€˜handmadeโ€™ โ€˜saleโ€™ and our newest collections. Click Hereย to see the collection

You can claim your Free Bra from the Bras/Bikini's Collections Only

Discounts can be used onย 1 outfit ONLY. This can be up to 4 items in an outfit/order. We reserve the right to cancel any orders which do not deem to be classed as 1 outfit but more.

Email will be your best friend. We will notify you via email of:

  • Points earned
  • Reward Redeemed
  • Birthday Reward
  • Friend Recieved Reward
  • Customer Recieves Reward
  • Customer Loyalty Tier Changed
  • Point Expiry Warning

To earn and Redeem your rewards, copy the code sent to you via email and paste it into the discount code section at the checkout.


Referral points are awarded to the customer once the people they referred place an order using the coupon code they received.ย 

  • User will getย ยฃ5ย referral discount.
  • Applies toย all orders.
  • Minimum spend isย ยฃ39.99.

Loyalty Tiers

On the excitement of moving up the Loyalty Tiers your points will be checked.

Any questions please email: with the subject line: REWARDS SCHEME and our customer service assistant will be able to answer your questions or resolve your issue.

This is a NEW Programme so if you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know!ย Thank you and Happy Collecting!